Frequently Asked Questions

What does Promo Girl Nation do?
Promo Girl Nation connects you to job opportunities, and trains you to be effective in these jobs. Both of these goals work in sync, and each objective will not work without the other. If you want to LEARN (through education and training) as well as GROW (through job experience), Promo Girl Nation can help you with both, but not just one.Once you demonstrate your competency and proven results, the possibilities are endless for you. Promo Girl Nation is here to serve YOU, and we will go above and beyond to reward our members.
How long does it take to hear if I am accepted into Promo Girl Nation? 
You will hear from us via email in 3-5 business days. If you do not receive anything, be sure to check your spam folder.
I got accepted! Now what?
Congratulations! You will start to receive emails from us shortly.
How do I apply for jobs?
Jobs first go out to members of our group chat, then they go out via email, and then are posted on the website. Check each of these places for the available opportunities. Read the whole posting to see how to apply for the job. Some have you email the company, some are through PGN (Promo Girl Nation), some ask you to fill out a form.

When will I hear back from jobs I apply for?
Check the individual job posting for this information.