50 Fitness Brands Seeking Brand Ambassadors

Would you consider yourself a fitness freak with a passion for helping brands through being a brand ambassador? Then these 50 opportunities are for you!

Learn what brands are seeking brand ambassadors to hire. Keep reading to learn about these opportunities, and check out some of our other posts to see more brand ambassador opportunities like 2018 brands and swimwear positions hiring NOW!

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1. FLXN Activewear 

2. Evolve Fitwear 

3. Diva Mode Fitness 

4. Snatch My Waist Shapewear 

5. Loriet 

6. Athelica 

7. Affitnity 

8. Equilibrium Activewear 

9. Givida Activewear

10. Body Love Athletica

11. Myofit Global

12. Belle Force Activewear

13. Balini Sports

14. Shape Active

15. VFit Sport

16. Enjoy Leggings

17. Posto9 Activa

18. Teeki 

19. Team Gat

20. Valleau Apparel 

21. GritFit Apparel

22. Fervid Fit

23. Physiq

24. Live Sore

25. Raww Gear

26. Love Fitness Apparel

27. Bad Boy

28. VXS Gymwear

29. On1e Clothing

30. Gym Threads

31. Paragon Fitwear

32. IAS Fitness Apparel 

33. Progess Gymwear

34. Fit Babz

35. Four Athletics

36. Delfin Spa

37. Fitletic

38. Jackalelite Fitness

39. Curve Envy Fitness

40. My Protein

41. Ideal Fit

42. Athleta

43. Fitvo Store

44. Her Suppz

45. Hawk Fitness 

46. Sculptique 

47. Electric and Rose

48. Protime Fitness 

49. Motionwear

50. Onnit Supplements


3 thoughts on “50 Fitness Brands Seeking Brand Ambassadors

  1. I am a Fitness Trainer of over 20 years!! I do PT and the most Amazing Boxing Classes/ Cardio – Kickboxing Classes in Sydney with quite a Big Rep!
    I would make a Great Ambassador for Any line on Fitness Brand! You can check me out on
    FB- Nikki Constantinou


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