Self Respect

Maintaining Self-Respect as a Promo Girl (Part 1 of Infinity!!!)

Represent yourself with RESPECT

The first thing that comes to mind when many people think of “promo girl” is a scantily clad woman wearing a bikini and standing in front of a car she knows nothing about. There is nothing wrong with that if you are comfortable being portrayed in that manner- and there are certainly benefits to it as well (pay, attention, more sponsorships…). However, I want to emphasize that that is NOT the only type of promo girl job there is, and you DO NOT have to settle for portraying yourself in a way that makes you uncomfortable.


To further emphasize this point, most of the jobs I work I wear a collared shirt and black pants. I look like a stock image of a call center representative! The times I’ve worn less, like a tank top and denim shorts in Phoenix when it was 100+ degrees, I was definitely approached a little differently. Sure, looks say a lot, and do not go out of your comfort zone if you are asked to wear an outfit you are hesitant about. However at the same time, you are in control of how you choose to represent yourself, and it should not always matter what you are wearing.


I will say it again just to be clear- say what you want, but WE ALL judge people based off what they are wearing. But it does not give people an excuse to mistreat you or harass you because of that.

And again, DO NOT agree to wear something that makes YOU uncomfortable, I don’t care how much you are getting paid for it!

My argument today is that there are ways we, as promo girls, can maintain respect for ourselves regardless of the common conception of promo girls.

In the title of this article it says “Part 1 of Infinity” because these types of lessons are constantly growing. Especially in this industry, given that we are in primarily hired to attract attention and engage people! Today we will be talking about product knowledge, and how coming off as intelligent and well-informed can help represent yourself appropriately.


Combat the conception of promo girls by knowing your product inside and out. Study up before you attend events! If someone comes up to you and you want to impress them right off the bat, you should be the one talking for most of the time. Get into the nitty gritty and throw out some technicalities and numbers- you will come off much smarter and more informed.

Sometimes they will ask you questions about the product that you might not know the answer to. There are two ways to approach this, (1) be honest about not being sure, and ask a co-worker or go to Google for the information or (2) dodge the question by asking a question or by giving a vague answer, whether it be in a serious or playful manner.

What is the horsepower on the new BMW M3?

  • “You know, my friend here Jenn has a bunch of great stats on this vehicle, let me grab her for you, one moment”
  • “What’s your guess?”, or “Above 400+”, or slightly change the subject to a fact you do know: “It’s funny you mention that, I just read an article about an E36 M3 that the owners modified and got it up to 667 hp!”

It obviously depends on what type of event you are working and what brand you are representing, but with practice you should be able to answer questions and learn how to carefully dodge them if you do not know the answers. DO YOUR RESEARCH and you will present yourself entirely differently. You will still get your bad nuts of course, and may even be outsmarted by customers that know more than you. SO WHAT? If you strive to constantly be learning, I guarantee you will surpass those idiots in product knowledge some day. You’ve already surpassed them in the professional demeanor category…

The best feeling in the world: I have devoted myself to learning as much as possible about the auto industry, since I love working these types of events and have a genuine passion for cars. NOTHING feels better than having some loser come up and try to outsmart me, given they’re assuming I don’t know anything about the cars I’m representing, and then totally SLAMMING him with tons of product knowledge that CLEARLY outsmarts him. The best part about this is that it is done in a completely appropriate and professional way- you are simply demonstrating your knowledge, no backtalk or sass required. I hope that promo girls everywhere can represent themselves in THIS way, not as a faceless, dumb, pretty girl.

To close off this post, I want to show you the ultimate smack down of what you could call “product knowledge”. Skip to 3:30 if you do not want to watch the entire clip.

Bridgekeeper: STOP!
             He who would cross the Bridge of Death
             Must answer me
             These questions three
             Ere the other side he see.

     Arthur: Ask me your questions, Bridgekeeper. I am not afraid.

Bridgekeeper: What…is your name?

     Arthur: King Arthur of the Britons!

Bridgekeeper: What…is your quest?

     Arthur: I seek the Holy Grail!

Bridgekeeper: What…is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

     Arthur: (brief pause) What do you mean, an African or a European swallow?

Bridgekeeper: (confused) Well…I don’t know…AAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGHHHH!!!

   Bedevere: (crossing behind Arthur) How do you know so much about swallows,
     Arthur: Well, you have to know these sorts of things when you’re a king,
             you know…

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