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The Truth About Being a Promo Girl

Is it really as exciting as it seems?

Ok, so maybe that title sounded a lot like click bait. However this post is indeed the truth about the life of a promo girl, and I wanted to give a rundown of what exactly a promo girl is and what she does as a way of kicking off this blog.

The first thing I would like to mention is that I hate the term promo girl. It tends to have a negative connotation. The first images that come to mind when most people think of “promo girl” is a beautiful woman standing next to a car or handing out samples, most likely dressed in something provocative and being friendly and engaging to every person that passes by. She may know a few things about the brand she is representing, but many people are just there to look at her and talk with a pretty woman. She is essentially seen as an object, but that’s a WHOLE new story. This is image is often a true conception, but promo girls are also at trade shows, sales meetings, and other venues where they can demonstrate their marketing and brand promotion abilities in front of just their looks. A promo girl’s main responsibility is to create a brand image for consumers, and allow them to engage with a brand in a way that could potentially open the door for sales and growth. She is a motivated young women looking to get her foot in the door in marketing, and is willing to work hard on top of her other job(s) to earn money and continue to learn.

Being a promo girl is two-sided, so here is a quick list of the ups and downs of promo:


  • Great pay
  • Relatively “easy” work
  • Getting into events for free
  • Experiencing all different types of events
  • Meeting many new people- oftentimes very high profile and important people
  • Serves well as a side job due to its occasional nature
  • Learning about different brands
  • Freebies
  • Opens the door for sponsorships
  • Travel


  • Industry is focused on looks
  • Having to keep a smile going all day
  • Long hours
  • Skimpy clothes sometimes
  • Creepy, intrusive, or rude people
  • Objectification
  • Travel (having to drive 3 hours away to work an event!)
  • Around the clock customer service
  • Sometimes unpredictable hours

I hope that was a decent summary of the truth of being a promo girl. Please feel free to comment any questions or concerns, and DON’T FORGET to sign up for the mailing list through the link below to be notified of new tips, lessons, and JOB OPPORTUNITIES!

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